Your CrossFit Coaches

Ralph Hicks-Owner CrossFit New Albany & Olentangy
Pitcher for the Houston Astros
Division I switch hitting outfielder
Physical education teacher
CrossFit level 1, Olympic, Powerlift and Gymnastic certified.

This fabulous gym was started back in 2002 (CFO 2013) without one piece of equipment and has continued on the stellar path of finding the perfect way to churn out amazingly functional people who love life and exercise daily with one another for fun with their friends.  I take an amazing amount of pride in doing thing right because I started this to make you amazing!

I will continue to work hard each and every single day so you walk in and out of this gym never thinking that it is just a workout or a thing you have to do, but a fun way of life. 

It is fun, it is community, it is social, it is functional, it is a better way to live your life.

Did I mention we've churned out Male, Female and Masters CrossFit Games athletes including a champion?  We've had numerous regional level competitors and we plan on taking an amazing affiliate team to the games this year!

I'm also a husband and Father of three amazing kids which makes the gym that much more special because I know what really is important in life.


Joe Snider-our resident mobility guru!

Joe has been with us since just after the beginning and his transformation as an athlete and coach is amazing.  We are all lucky to have him here as a member of the CFNA/CFO family.

Joe has spent a ton of time working with mobility and form because he came into the program without either.  With years of hard work under his belt he has some great experience understanding where you are coming from and what you need to do to be your best.

Joe has traveled the country playing baseball and exploring fitness and has spent the last few years working with every level imaginable which makes him amazing at catering to each level member that walks through our doors.

Matt Wilson-CrossFit L1, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics and CF Olympic lifting certified

Matt is the resident good guy.  You wont meet a nicer person or more patient person than Matt which makes him an amazing trainer for the highest and lowest levels of fitness.  Matt takes pride in doing everything right, doing exactly what needs to be done to get the job done which makes for a great trainer and employee.

Matt like most people came into the program with doing the normal workouts and has turned himself into an amazing CrossFitter!

He may kill you with kindness, but in the end you'll be in amazing shape!


Dane Youtz-2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Central East Regional Qualifier

Our resident BEAST, this guy can do anything and I mean anything.  He may be quiet but he'll also get you to do things that you never thought possible.  He may be a "scientist" by day, but he's one heck of a CrossFit trainer by night!

Balance is needed and Dane is the perfect balance to the loud Ralph, booming Eric, quiet Matt and hands on Joe.  His outdoor love of working out brings us that "outside the box" input so badly needed in making our CF gym amazing.


Evan Hupp-his eagerness to learn and be the best can't help but rub off on you and everyone else around the place.  He doesn't take himself too serious which is always a nice thing when trying to keep your day in perspective.

I've never seen him not ready to help you be your best which is way Evan will be around here for a long time!


Rich James-CrossFit as a lifestyle!

A picture is worth a thousand words!  Rich lives CrossFit, you got a question just,.... ask Rich.  This guy is all about perfecting form, programming, nutrition, mobility, recovery.  Rich is the guy who keeps everyone on the up and up.  We're so excited about what his presence has brought and will bring to the CFNA/CFO community!

Don't worry, he is the nicest guy ever!

Scott Tourville-Fitness/Baseball trainer

His fun demeanor makes class just that, fun!  He works his butt off in class and teaching you.  He gets that things are hard but he keeps it real and allows you to end class knowing that you gave it your everything and that is something to be proud of!

Eric Schnatz: Fitness trainer

Jen Smith: Functional Fitness trainer

Megan Ellis: CrossFit L1 trainer

Jamie Medley: Gymnastic certified trainer

Don Brogan: CrossFit Trainer

Krista Winbigler:

CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certified

Suzi Spettel:

Chris Sansbury:

Pedro Aneses:

Anders Johansen:

Rex Brown:

Brandon Shriner:

Courtney Chae:

John Milenkovich:

Danielle Koch:

Kyle Kready:

Cole Akins: